This repo has source and example code for the ubiquitous 'Hello world!' program.

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AniNIX preferred shell environment

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We play Star Wars: The Old Republic for mental reset, team-building and detail-awareness training. We play for the Sith Empire for its more convincing storyline, diverse cultural references, and general grimdark atmosphere.

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Warrant canaries are a security industry standard for ensuring our network has not been compromised.

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This project will discover and provide orchestration and instruction to the various servers in the AniNIX ecosystem. It's named after the Star Wars Imperial Intelligence organization that oversaw II's various divisions.

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CryptoWorkbench is a cryptography suite. This project is to allow easy deciphering of text-based ciphers. We will start with basic functions and add new ones as possible.

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WolfPack is a Internet search engine, bot crawler, and download utility designed to be scheduled and run on the command line.

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AniNIX::TheRaven \\ IRC Bot

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AniNIX / Wiki
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This repo will hold the basic information and documentation around the digital and physical assets and projects for the AniNIX network.

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A set of scripts to set up AniNIX services -- superseded by Ubiqtorate

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mawiki / Wiki
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This repo holds our basic operation and access details, which are public.

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Collect and organize word of the day information from Merriam-Webster. This project is originally a personal, helper script, so there is no emphasis on portability or dependency reduction.

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This is an open pastebin for users to use.

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AniNIX::Uniglot \\ Shared code libraries that all the AniNIX projects should use -- this should reduce error in rewriting the same functions.

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AniNIX / Maat
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Quality Assurance and Reporting Framework

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AniNIX / Aether
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AniNIX::Aether \\ Backup and Failsafe System

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This repo is just for tracking migrating the old site to the new.

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Some simple recipe tracking

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