This project will discover and provide orchestration and instruction to the various servers in the AniNIX ecosystem. It's named after the Star Wars Imperial Intelligence organization that oversaw II's various divisions.
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  1. pkgdirname != basename `git config remote.origin.url` | sed 's/.git$$//'
  2. compile:
  3. @echo Nothing to do
  4. install: clean
  5. mkdir -p ${pkgdir}/opt/aninix/${pkgdirname}/
  6. rsync -avzp HelloWorld* ${pkgdir}/opt/aninix/${pkgdirname}/
  7. test: compile
  8. python3 -m pytest
  9. clean:
  10. cat .gitignore | xargs rm -Rf
  11. diff:
  12. @echo Nothing to do.
  13. reverse:
  14. @echo Nothing to do.
  15. checkperm:
  16. @echo Nothing to do.