This is an open pastebin for users to use.
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This project is to allow AniNIX users to create GitLab-style snippets (also known as pastebins). Snippets are subject to moderation and deletion -- these are also a public space, so there is no expectation of privacy.


  • ArchLinux and derivatives: makepkg -sri
  • Other distros: make install


Effectively, this is called by redirecting stdin to create a new file in AniNIX::Foundation/Snippets.

|> uptime | aninixpb
New snippet created at from stdin


Please ensure you have the pre-commit hook established with the following before committing.

rm -Rf .git/hooks && ln -s ../hooks .git

Feel free to send your patchfiles via DCC to an admin on ircs:// or submit a pull request in AniNIX::Foundation.