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DarkFeather 49f9f6d315
Standardizing round 1 2 years ago
DarkFeather 652d7c4795 Restructured to better break up backups and add user control 5 years ago
DarkFeather 0aa26c388d Licensing and Makefile standards 5 years ago
DarkFeather df2b56ee92 Typo in db def 5 years ago
DarkFeather 63d0ccc2de Recent dev 6 years ago
DarkFeather 00f5dcc8f3 Fixes 6 years ago
DarkFeather d7d5eb346c New remote backup script 6 years ago
dev 751925085e Fixes for makefile and aether.bash -- deduplicate the right files. 6 years ago
dev 0b7c6305e1 Fixes to control backup size and back up the right things. Backups encrypted and labeled as such. 6 years ago
dev 7b7849d98f Need to update this to indicate the new encryption 6 years ago
dev a3ffa9dc31 Converting to Git 6 years ago